Budapest 2021




Confronted by current crises, we have a choice: to look for traditional solutions, or dare to dream and create something new.

More than ever, our world needs peacebuilders, men and women of all cultures who come together to ask themselves the same question: what change do we want to see?

Changemakers are young people from around the world who, meeting in the heart of Europe, want to build a vision for our common future!


For young adults between 18 and 33 years old.
From throughout Europe…and beyond.


Or simply those of goodwill.


Who in the name of their faith or their convictions
Believe that something else is possible.


And who have the desire to commit today
To build the world of tomorrow!

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Changemakers is 200 young adults coming together to live their faith in action.

It’s five days of specific tracks to equip yourself today for the changes of tomorrow, through participative workshops, concrete projects to put into action, and visits to the city…

It’s also a unique international experience, in the heart of one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals.

A preview of the week will be available here soon – stay tuned!

“The basic rule of a crisis is that you don't come out of it the same. If you get through it, you come out better or worse, but never the same.” Pope Francis in Let us dream


1000+ years of history and an incredible
cultural heritage!

5 tracks

To equip ourselves
and get into action

Core moments

Live a unique
international experience

Ubuntu Cafe

Fair trade coffee
or local flavors,
the place to be
to encounter people!

by doing

and real projects

Following Christ

Listening to
the Holy Spirit
to let him transform us!


Europe: memory and future

The European project is facing its limits and no longer brings us together as it once did. To continue to envisage a united Europe, we must revisit our common history and our particular histories, look at the wounds received or given, and let our view be changed. Together, we want to build the bases of a common future!

Social Justice

Building a fairer and more fraternal society: this is the desire of all who thirst for justice. What are the mechanisms of exclusion and inequality at work in our societies? How can we fight against social divides and begin to build bridges of fraternity in our communities? These are the questions we will be addressing, looking in particular at the issues and challenges of Hungarian society.

The cry of the Earth

This is THE subject that is mobilising our generation. Awareness of ecologic issues is growing year by year but there is much still to be done: understanding the complex situations of the key players, finding concrete actions that are accessible to all, choosing to set out on the path ourselves and change our ways of living, and above all bringing hope to the world. This track will look at these topics.

Art and Politics

Art in all its forms is the means of expression and political resistance par excellence. It also helps us to reach beyond barriers and borders to touch hearts and bring new hope to the world. Through different workshops, we will set out to discover this universe and express our own message of unity for the world.

Leadership & Holy Spirit

To initiate structural change in our societies, we need leaders capable of innovating and bringing others with them. But above all it needs those who listen to the Holy Spirit, who allow themselves to be changed by and led by Him. We are therefore offering this track of leadership formation and life in the Spirit, for you to lead change “lead by the Spirit”!




You can find answers here! 🙂


Otherwise, contact Klára at
or +33 7 54 36 57 78 (WhatsApp)


From 27th July at 3pm to 1st August 2021 at 2pm

Being a volunteer means serving other young adults coming to Changemakers by offering your time and gifts. But it is also living an amazing time spiritually, creating a fraternity with other volunteers, meeting new people, testifying to God’s love… In short, it’s living Changemakers in another way!

The contribution to costs that we ask for includes all activities, accommodation and meals for the conference. Only transportation remains at your expense.

We hope to experience sharing so that anyone who wants to come to Changemakers can do so.

This is why financial participation is adapted to your country. You also have a choice of several prices: a reduced rate for those in financial hardship, and a solidarity rate to allow another participant to come to Changemakers with your support.


England fees:

Changemakers week: Student : £ 170 | Young professionnal : £ 200
Volunteer (July 24th- Aug.1st): Student : £ 200 | Young professionnal : £ 230
Volunteer (July 24th- Aug.1st): Student : £ 270 | Young professionnal : £ 300


Standard International fees (may vary depending on your country):

Changemakers week: Student : 175€ | Young professionnal : 210€
Volunteer (July 24th- Aug.1st): Student : 205€ | Young professionnal : 240€
Volunteer (July 24th- Aug.1st): Student : 275€ | Young professionnal : 310€

Incredible but true, we found the best campsite, located in the heart of the city of Budapest!
Accommodation will therefore be in tents. You can bring your own tent or rent one on site for 5€.

The event will be held in the heart of Budapest, where there are very good public transport connections between the city centre, airport and train station. 

And for those that like a challenge, how about hitchhiking 👍 ?!

Changemakers will be held in English, but all the main talks will be translated live into Hungarian, French, and other languages based on the needs of those attending.


The location of Changemakers

From the very beginning we felt that our place was in one of the most exciting parts of Budapest, the 8th district, Józsefváros. We were drawn to this place because of the historical, cultural and social aspect.

The « Nagykörút » (Grand Boulevard) and tram no. 4-6 seem to separate two parallel worlds, with a heavy contrast: the Palace District on one side and the „slums“ on the other. In reality, however, the picture is much more nuanced and complex.

During the meeting, we want to get to know the district and to serve and give back to it and its inhabitants in cooperation with local organizations and churches.

Core moments